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Allthelels by Karoish
All the lels is an appropriate title for this.
I noticed my "new" gaia pets lineart sitting halfway finished in the folder and since I was feeling inspired thanks to a week of watching streams I went on ahead and finished it.

Kontrooli Kisu by Karoish
Kontrooli Kisu
As named by my 6-year-old niece, this is my Sackboy character Controol Kitty I created today when my niece wanted to just faff around in Little Big Planet. We had tons of fun. She made a tired bunny character, maybe I'll draw her too.

For now, my heart is completely lost to Controol Kitty.
Full ten by Karoish
Full ten
Ho-hum, going through the requests while playing around with stuff I normally don't do like god freaking satan loving foreshortening which might I add I hate.

Woop, sorry it's not very lovely.

Things that Karo likes = anything not drawing
AaaaahhhaaAAaahh I want to cry so badly.
It's such a struggle to draw things and anatomy and I just don't understand anything I'm doing, I'm just drawing the same damn boring thing over and over and over again. Every time I go like "hey, okay, girl, let's practice stuff that's hard like front-view or snouts or hone in on those facial features" my brain shuts down and I draw a head-on perspective 3/4 view of a seminaked (or naked) fox-animal-girl.

Nipples damnit.

Sophie by Karoish
Oh look, I'm not dead yet.
Take this damn doodle for proof.


temeo c me me me
  • Mood: Distracted
I haven't been drawing for years now. I do the occasional doodle, I resort to the mediocre flat perspective portrait, I look at my past works in deep disappointment, and I stop drawing again. I say I'll draw more. But I don't. I say I'll practice more, but I don't. I tell myself I WILL start that comic one day. But I never do.

Well, those of you that should come across this lone and sad little space on the internet despite its long desolation, I have a surprise of sorts!
(this is when the fanfare blows)

Although I have absolutely no free time and no motivation whatsoever, I will offer the first ten people-- yes, the first ten, should it take ten years for ten people to come across this, so be it -- a completely free sketch. You may request whatever your heart desires within the limitations of dA policies. However I reserve the right to produce the sketch in whatever form, size or style I happen to wish.

So please, go on ahead, sign up if you so wish! Comment below or shoot me a PM.

1. :iconlizardman234:
2. :iconbetlysquirrely: Done…
3. :iconraxkiyamato:  Done…
4. :iconlizathehedgehog:
5. :iconkukeshii:  Done  Full ten
6. :iconcalliopius:
7. :iconxm1dn1ghtx:
8. :iconthefishe77:
9. :iconnaragon: Done…
10. :iconliea:

Because the sketches are free of any charge, I am also partially free of any obligation. So I may or may not take my time with them. I assume no responsibility on the quality or quality discrepancies between requests. If you don't like what I do I'm terribly sorry, but feel no need to compensate. It's been my time that's been wasted anyway.

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xYellow Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015
do you still open request anymore?
Karoish Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
Not at this moment, as I'm.. uhhh. very slowly getting through the first 10 that I opened ten million years ago. Thanks for asking!
xYellow Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
its oke thanks for responding
jamesgunner123 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
...a very happy birthday to you miss...=3
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Happy Birthday :hug:
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happy b-dAY!
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We all know Karo's just resisting the urge for a friendly boobgrab. :ninja: :heart:
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